Some good and bad weather news.

Very slowly the air pressure continues to reduce and today we will see the reduction go from 1023mb to around 1016mb by the end of the day.  The good news is that this level of pressure is still high and we will be in for a mild day with some bright spells.  The risk of rain today is only around 7%.

This morning starts off with some cloud cover but this will burn away as the morning passes.  The remainder of the day will be bright and clear.  This will allow our top temperature to reach around 20c today.  This will bring with it a UV index of 7 so please remember to cover up if you are working outside today.  For our friends that suffer with hay fever the pollen count will be high today and very high tomorrow.

Overnight will remain dry and clear with the minimum temperature around 10-11c.

I know that many of you will have read about the heat plume and rain that will be reaching the UK.  Today and tomorrow will be the warmest days in our area with a top temperature tomorrow of around 23c.  On the norther coast of France the top temperature will be around 27c.

The jet stream remains above the UK and this means when this warmer air meets the cooler air from the N some condensation will take place and on Saturday we can expect to see some persistent and, at times, heavy rain.

The wind today will be deriving from the ENE and the average wind speed will be around 8mph.

Summary. A generally mild day with bright spells

Observations made 06:31 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1023.8mb ; Temperature 7.8c; Relative humidity : 87%; Wind 4 mph NE; Rain this month : 7.2mm; Rain this year : 196.2mm.

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