T20 weather tonight?


Today starts off mild once again with the air temperature remaining around the 10c mark throughout the night.  The lowest temperature achieved overnight was 9.4c at 05:38 hours.  If you are heading to see the Birmingham Bears v Leicestershire Foxes at Edgbaston tonight then you can be confident of seeing a full evening’s entertainment. (It may feel a bit chilly sitting in the stands).

It will be an often cloudy day with the occasional brighter spell.  This cloud will curtail the top temperature to around 16-17c.  Overnight the minimum temperature will be around 10c.  The chance of any rain today is around 12%.

More dense clouds will, however, move in overnight and tomorrow morning we can expect to see some rain showers.  If you were planning to mow the lawn tomorrow morning then I would do it tonight instead.

The wind will be deriving from a WSW to NW arc throughout the day.  The average wind speed will be around 6-7mph.

Summary. A more cloudy day with some brighter spells.  Remaining dry.

Observations made 06:29 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1021.4mb ; Temperature 10.6c; Relative humidity : 83%; Wind 2 mph WSW; Rain this month : 26mm; Rain this year : 215mm.

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