A weather conundrum

Today offers some potential interesting options weather wise but the one thing for certain is that it is going to be warm.

Today’s warmth will be created by winds deriving from France and Southern Europe.  Our top temperature today will be around 25-26c although it will feel more like 31-32c.  The conundrum comes with this amount of heat subsequently increases the risk of flash thunder storms.  As the heat hits and then subsequently rises the risk of thunderstorms and heavier rain occur.  Unfortunately it is almost impossible to predict when and where the thunderstorms will occur because their formation depends on very specific conditions that are very transient.  The thing is that we should be aware of the possibility.

What I can say from reading the air pressure charts is that the risk commences from around 15:00 hours and remain with us until mid evening 19:00 to 20:00 hours (when the wind direction changes slightly).  The risk of thunder storms in our area is around 25%.  This risk of some rain during the day is around 60% (mostly later in the afternoon and early evening).

The cloud cover will remain with us for the whole day although it will dissipate to about 10% at times this morning and during the lunch / early afternoon period.  During the afternoon, however, we will return to 80-100% cloud coverage. The cloud coverage will mean that it will be a very humid day. (Great news if you can swing the cricket ball not great if you are a local footballer).

The wind will spend the majority of the day deriving from the S to SE.  This evening will see a slight anticlockwise movement towards the E.

My tip would be to get out and about this morning as it may be a little oppressive to walk, ride or garden too much this afternoon.

If you are at the V festival I am sure the organisers will have plans if lightning does start, however, the general rules of keeping low to the ground and and away from metal structures high objects such as trees apply.

Summary : A very warm day with the risk of rain, possibly thunder, later.

 Observations made 08:02 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1015.4mb; Temperature 17.3c; Relative humidity :85%; Wind : 2mph S; Rain this month : 20.4mm; Rain this year : 306.4mm.

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