What a difference a week makes

Last night was our coldest of the month with a low 1.4c at midnight.  Thinking back to the beginning of the month we were enjoying top temperatures of around 15c and even a week ago the overnight low was 5c with a daytime high of 14.9c.  We will be lucky to see the thermometer top out at 4-5c today!  The overnight low tonight will be around freezing point.

There were some isolated wintry showers and Nicola in Willenhall and Rosie in Stoke both recorded some snow briefly covering the ground.  A little snow flurry was evident in Hammerwich in the early hours but this, as anticipated, has now all melted.

Today will be a generally dry day with some brighter spells. The brighter spells will, however, not be able to offset the cool NNW-NW wind which will reduce the “feel” of the air temperature by another 2c.  The risk of any further wintry showers today (i.e. after the time of observations) is around 30%.  To confirm the thought that it will be a generally dry day is that the barometer readings are (at the time of observations) rising rapidly.

The NNW wind be gusty particularly around late morning / early afternoon when the isobars become very closely spaced.  As the evening passes the wind speeds will reduce significantly.  Our  wind speed today will average around 12mph at the peak with gusts of around 25-30mph.

If you are going out today to shop, ride your bike or watch a football match then a warm coat will be the order of the day.

Summary: Cool with some bright spells.

Observations made 07:50 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Air pressure : 1008.6mb (rising rapidly); Temperature 2.6c (overnight low 1.4c at 00:00 hours); Relative humidity :83%; Wind: 5 mph NNW; Rain this month : 33.6mm; Rain this year : 444.8mm.

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