Holiday Saturday’s Weather And Storm Katie

After yesterday’s gloriously sunny day today’s weather will be almost be polar opposite.

It will be a generally cloudy day and at the time of my observations the surface air pressure was reducing rapidly. By mid afternoon we can expect to see the barometer reading around 992-996mb.  Regular readers will recognise that readings below 1000mb usually bring a high risk of rain.  Today will be no exception.

The radar images are showing a few small rain clouds that may just skirt our area during the mid morning but the real risk of rain (80%+) reaches our area from noon and then throughout the remainder of the day.  The largest risk of our are seeing rain is during the period 12:00 hours to 19:00 hours.  The risk reducing to around 30% after 19:00 hours.

Coupled with the rain will be a steady breeze that will be deriving from the S (SE to SW arc).  The average wind speed will be between 8-12mph with gust speeds of around 35mph.  The Met Office have issued a yellow warning with the risk to likelihood matrix showing that the impact will be low but the likelihood is high.

On the plus side is the fact that it will be a mild day with a daytime temperature high of 11-12c and an overnight low of around 4-5c

You may have read in the papers of Storm Katie hitting the UK on Easter Monday.  The main force of the storm will be in the South of England and SW of Wales.  Our area will see increased wind speeds but the current tracking of the storm does not centre on our area.  This situation may change but I will update the position tomorrow.

Summary: A cloudy and breezy day with some rain likely too particularly during the afternoon.

Observations made 07:42 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.
Temperature : 8.8c; Air pressure : 1012.4mb; Relative humidity : 87%; Wind : 6mph SW; Rain this month : 48.8mm ; Rain this year : 161.4mm

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