Much ado about nothing.

After a cloud light night, when the temperature reached a low of 2.4c at 05:51 hours, this morning we start the day with some bright spells.

I am pleased to be able to report that today will be a generally dry day although there will be a “nip in the air” from the northerly breeze.  Some papers have been saying all week about widespread snow but this is certainly not the case in our area.  As the Bard would say “much ado about nothing”.

Our top temperature will be around 9c and for much of the day the risk of rain will be less than 10%.  in the shade the air temperature will feel around 2c lower due to the wind chill.

Despite the cool weather I am sure that all of the local cricket clubs starting their season today will be delighted to be able to complete a day’s play.  Hammerwich CC face local rivals Pelsall at home today.

During the afternoon we will see the medium height cloud increase its cover but this will not increase the risk of rain beyond the 18%.

The wind will be deriving from a NW-NE arc and the average wind speed will be around 6-7mph.

Today also sees some St George’s day celebrations and the Cathedral will be ringing the bells in honour of the day.  Similarly today is also the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death and so I thought I would leave you with this Spring reference.

From you have I been absent in the spring,
When proud pied April, dressed in all his trim,
Hath put a spirit of youth in every thing.
(Sonnet 98, 1-3)

Summary:  A dry day but cool in the shade.  

Observations made 08:03 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.
Temperature : 6.8c; Air pressure : 1022.4mb; Relative humidity : 73%; Wind : 4mph NNW; Rain this month : 76mm ; Rain this year : 267.2mm

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