It’s be prepared weather

Like a good scout or guide today is a day when the weather means you need to be prepared.

This morning we will see some bright spells and these will help warm the day up to a pleasant 20-21c.  It was a cooler start to the day with the air temperature reaching a low of 9.6c at 05:38 hours.  Overnight tonight we can expect the minimum temperature to be around 12c.

As the day passes the cloud cover increases due to a low pressure system to the SW of our area.  It is this wet and warm system that is bringing some unknown potential problems with it. The Met Office are also unsure but are concerned enough to issue a yellow weather warning of some localised heavy rainfall and even thunder.

The risk of rain in our area today is about 30% and the risk is greatest during the later parts of the afternoon and, in particular, the evening  when the low pressure system completely reaches us. At the moment the radar images are only showing light patches of rain in and around our area but the heavy rain could “pop up” anywhere.

The wind today will be deriving from the ENE for the majority of the day and the average wind speed will be around 6mph.

There are a couple of interesting events to visit in our area over the weekend.  Today and Sunday sees the return of the ever popular Lichfield Food Festival in and around the city.  Whilst at Pelsall North Common we have the Inland Water Association gathering which is on today, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday.  There appears that there is lots to do at both events and both have free entry.

Summary: A bright start becoming generally cloudy.  A risk of some rain later possibly heavy.

Observations made 06:55 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.
Temperature : 10.5c; Air pressure : 1019.5mb; Relative humidity  87%; Wind : calm; Rain this month : 51.4mm; Rain this year :528.4mm

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