Spring sunshine (WS7 weather report 21-3-2017)


This morning has set out much more spring like with bright sunshine and a cool air temperature to greet the day.

At 06:13 hours the air temperature was a cool 2.1c but by peak commute time we can expect the air temperature to be around 4c.  If you are stepping out for a walk first thing this morning you may need to put on your gloves.

The day will gradually warm up to a top temperature of around 7-8c although the steady breeze of around 8mph will reduce the feel (wind chill) by around 2.5c.

This afternoon the cloud cover will increase and eventually, by dark, provide a complete covering.  This cloud will bring a 30% risk of some rain this evening but by tomorrow morning we are 80% likely to see some rain.  The rain tomorrow will reach most parts of England and Wales as it tracks W to E.

Today’s breeze will be deriving from the WSW and the average wind speed will be around 8-10mph.  Gust speeds could reach 25mph.

Summary for today : A bright start but cloud increasing as the afternoon passes.

Observations made on 21/3/2017 at 06:32 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.
Temperature : 2.2c; Air pressure : 1005.7mb; Relative humidity  84%; Wind : 6 mph WSW; Rain this month : 34mm; Rain this year : 134mm

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