2017 weather review

This 2017 weather year has been full of interest with storms, a red sky, snow and even the odd few warm days.  Time passes by and you can forget the detail so I have taken the data collated by my Davis weather station and added some notes to try to give you a summary of 2017 weather year.

The year has been quite a success for the blog with a record number of visitors and viewers.  I am always pleased to receive contact from readers and I am often asked to supply data by students for geography homework!

I have tried to add some personal photos for each month so that you get a feel of what was happening in my life.  I hope that you enjoy reading my review and, possibly, it may remind you of some event during your 2017.

Best wishes


January – Mild and misty

The mist on Minster Pool

Overall a mild month although we did see temperatures dip down to -3.3c on the 5th day.  On the other hand our top temperature was a very mild 10.4c which was achieved on the 11 of the month.  The average maximum temperature was 6.6c and the average minimum temperature was 1.7c.  We had 9 days in the month when the air temperature was around the freezing point.  The cool nights and warmer days created a few misty starts to the day.

During the month we received 50.9mm of rain with the most rain falling on the 16th.  It was also breezy at times and on the 11th the top wind speed reached 33 mph.


February – Storm Doris

Fradley Junction, lock 51. 18 February 2017

Another generally mild month although it was very windy at times. A storm (Storm Doris) hit our area around the 23rd of the month and I recorded a top wind speed of 54mph.  The storm caused a reasonable amount of damage across the UK and, in Wolverhampton, a lady sadly lost her life after being hit by flying debris.

During the month we reached a top temperature of 14c on the 11th and our lowest recorded temperature for the month was -2c on the 6th.

During February 2017 49.1mm of rain fell in our area.  The heaviest being 7.4mm on the 28th.


March – Spring coming early?

Christ Church Burntwood. 4 March 2017

With an average top temperature of 12.1c (and with no days when the temperature fell to or below freezing point) the month was very mild.   The top temperature achieved was 18.6c on the 30th.

The lowest temperature we achieved in the month was 1c on the 23rd.

Rainfall was about average for the time of year with 47.2mm falling in our area during the month.

It was breezy at times with a top wind speed of 32 mph being reached on the 2nd of the month.

The start of BST was on the 26th of the month.

April – A dry month

Pirea 9 April 2017

April turned out to be extremely dry with only 17.3mm of rain falling in our area.  The average rainfall would be nearer 50mm.  25% of the total monthly rainfall fell on the 25th.  In total we had 12 days with less than 0.2mm of rain.

The top temperature achieved was 22.1c on the 9th of  the month (the day I took the photo) and the lowest temperature was 1.2c on the 27th.

The top wind speed during the month was recorded on the 30th of the month at 25mph.

May – Wet again

Nearer normal rainfall (61.2mm) was received during May although we did have periods of sunshine too.  The period around the 22 to 25th was particularly pleasant.  On the 25th a top temperature of 26.5c was reached.  The lowest temperature was 1.7c on the 10th.

The prominent wind direction during the month was from the NE.  This helped deliver plenty of bright spells.  The average wind speed during the month was only 2mph although the highest was 28mph on the 15th.

May was only month in the year when the prominent wind  direction was not from the SW.

Flaming June

Peony. 4 June 2017

June saw the warmest day of the year recorded in our area with the thermometer hitting 30.9c on the 18th of the month.

Overall it was also a dry month with only 45.8mm of rain falling in our area compared to the average 60mm for the time of year.

We did encounter the odd breezy day with the top wind speed being recorded on the 6th of the month at 32 mph.

The air pressure remained generally low and the wind was predominantly from the SW so although it was mild we also encountered plenty of cloud cover.

July – A return to rain

Hammerwich CC 29 July 2017

July saw plenty of periods of rain with 17 days during the month receiving some rainfall.  Of the 17 days when rain fell the rainfall on 10 of the days was measured at greater than 2mm.  The highest level of rainfall was measured on the 11th of the month when 15.2mm fell in our area.

As expected the average maximum air temperature was at the highest for the year at 21.8c.  The average low as a respectable 13.3c.  Overall it was a mild time without it, too often, “splitting the paving slabs”.   The warmest day was on the 6th of the month when a top temperature of 29.1c was achieved.  Overall the first week was the most pleasant in the month.

Once again the prominent wind was from the SW (hence the cloud and regular rain) and top wind speed achieved was 27 mph on the 28th of the month.

August – A bright Bank holiday

Lichfield Food Festival 27 August 2017

August ended the summer in a glorious fashion with the bank holiday weekend temperature on the 28th reaching 25.2c.  There were clear blue skies and the Lichfield Food Festival attracted many visitors.

The mean average top temperature for the month was 20c.  This is the level we would expect for an August month.

The month was also generally dry with only 44.2m of rain falling through the period.  The heaviest rainfall was on the 17th when 9.2mm of rain accumulated.  The average rainfall in August is generally nearer 65mm.

Once again the wind was predominantly from the SW which lead to the mild temperatures but also the 17 days when greater than 0.2mm of rain fell in the area.

September – Back to sunshine and showers

A day on the beach 21 September 2017

There was plenty of pleasant spells in September but we also had a fair number of rainy days too.  Overall 23 days in the month received some rain with 16 of these days receiving greater than 2mm of rainfall.  The heaviest rainfall was on the 5th of the month when 10.6mm of rain accumulated.  In total 69.6mm of rain fell in the month.

Our top temperature was recorded on the 4th of the month at 21.4c.  The average temperature was 15.9c.

The prominent wind was from the SW and the average wind speed was 1.4 mph.  The highest wind speed of 34 mph was experienced on the 13 of the month.

October – A red sky

Red sky 16 October 2017

October continued to be mild with the average high temperature being a very pleasant 15.1c.  The highest temperature was 20.1c on the 14th.  The lowest air temperature was 1.8c on the 30th.

During the month our area received rain on 14 days but it only accumulated a total of 22mm.  This was extremely light for the time of year when we would expect around 57mm.

It was breezy at times with a top wind speed of 41 mph reached on the 17th of the month. The predominant wind direction was from the SW and the average wind speed was 3.5mph.

On the 16 October the sky turned “red” due to dust in the atmosphere.  For more information click here.

November – First freeze

First snow winter 2017

November saw the first negative air temperature since the last winter when a low of -1c was achieved.  Overall only two days fell to zero or below in the month.  The  mean temperature for the month was 4.8c and the maximum temperature was 12.3c on the 7th.

Later in the month (around the 23rd) it did become a little breezy and the top wind speed was 23 mph.  On the 25th of the month we received a slight smattering of snow.

Rain was also light during the month with only 48.8mm falling in our area.  The heaviest rain was on the 4th when 17.6mm fell in our area.

In total 18 days in the month received at least 0.2mm of rain.

December – Snow days

Cocker in the snow 10 December 2017

December saw the first real snow fall since 2010 and for many children it was their first real experience of the “white stuff”.  The snow created widespread disruption in the area on the 8th and for the next few days beyond.  For more information click here.

For a video of the snow covering in the Hammerwich area on the 10th click here.

The average air temperature (up to the 30th) was 4.8c with the highest being 12.3c on the 7th.  Overall 8 days were at freezing point or below during the month.  The lowest recorded temperature being -4.1c on the 12th.

The total precipitation (up to the 30th) was 65.7mm.

Summary charts for the year taken from my Davis Vantage Pro 2 weather station


Temperature range 2017









Rain 2017











Wind 2017

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  2. Bernadette says:

    Brilliant review of the year, thank you. Really enjoy your blogs. 😊

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