Impact varies (WS7 weather report 13-2-2018)


Yesterday we all experienced varying levels of travel difficulty due to the ice and snow on the road and paths.  Today we will all experience some rain but the further north or south of Hammerwich you are in our region the heavier and more persistent the rain will be. It just goes to show how localised the impact of the weather can be sometimes.

At 06:30 hours today the surface air pressure was reducing rapidly below the 997mb mark and the rain radar images were showing rain clouds heading our way.  The cloud system that will reach our area helps form part of a large band of rain that will sweep the country during the morning and into the early parts of the afternoon.

The rain in our area is likely to be far more “patchy” but still poses a 94% risk.  Our top temperature today will be around 4c.  With the wind chill the air temperature will feel more like 0c.

Early evening the sky will begin to clear and overnight we will see air the temperature reduce to around -1c.  This cool temperature and the earlier rain means that we are likely to see some ice hazards form tomorrow morning.

Today’s wind will be deriving from a SW-SE arc and the average wind speed will be around 7mph.

Summary: Some morning rain.  Clearing during the afternoon leading to a cold night.

Observations made on 13/2/2018 at 06:28 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.
Temperature : 3.1c; Air pressure : 996.5 mb reducing rapidly; Relative humidity 88%; Wind : 7mph ESE; Rain this month : 18.4mm; Rain this year : 77.8mm

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