Tropical storm Ernesto – a lot of talk? (WS7 weather report 18-8-2018)

smalllogoThere is a lot of excited paper talk about tropical Storm Ernesto with the Daily Express using the headline “UK weather WARNING: Brutal Tropical Storm Ernesto to SMASH Britain in 24 hours”.

Now the UK is a big place and whilst the north of England, Scotland and Northern Ireland are likely to see heavy rain and high winds (as the air pressure drops to around 1008mb in the regions mentioned above) in our area we will remain mild, cloudy, a little breezy but generally dry.  Hardly being smashed!  I guess the headline “Quite warm and cloudy weather in the WS postcode area” would not sell many papers!

We will, however, benefit from some mild air from “Ernesto” as the tropical storm mixes with our jet stream.  this will help lift our top temperature during the day to around 23-24c and overnight the minimum air temperature will be a very humid 17c.

Despite a general covering of cloud remaining with us for the greater part of the day the risk of any measurable rain in our area is around 7%.

It will be breezy at times with the SS-WSW breeze blowing at an average wind speed of around 9mph. Gusts speeds could reach around 20-23mph.

Tomorrow sees the risk of rain increasing slightly towards 40-50%.  If you are planning a trip out then today will be the better day for it – so long as you don’t go too far north!

If you are looking for something to do today then remember that the folk at Lichfield Cathedral are presenting an exhibition of art via sound and light imagery.  For more information click here.

Summary : A cloud day but mild.  Top temperature of around 23-24c.  overnight remaining warm and humid.

Observations made on 18/8/2018 at 07:09 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.
Temperature : 11.2c; Air pressure : 1016.9mb steady; Relative humidity 90%; Wind : calm; Rain this month : 26.8mm; Rain this year : 327mm

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