High air pressure maintains (WS7 weather report 30-12-2018)

smalllogoIt is yet another mild start to the day with the air temperature, at approximately 08:30 hours, already at 9.4c.  This mild start is very similar to the same day last year when the air temperature, at a similar time of the day, was 10.5c.

It will remain mild, if a little cloudy for the remainder of the day.  Our top temperature will be around 11c and overnight the minimum temperature will be around 7-8c.  Despite the regular appearance of some cloud the risk of rain is only around 11%.

Today’s breeze will be deriving from the mild WSW-SW and the average wind speed will be around 6mph.

Looking ahead I can see that the jet stream will begin to “ride” above th UK from around Wednesday and through into the weekend.  This will bring some brighter spells but the days and nights will be a lot cooler than those we are currently enjoying. (Max 5-6c, low around 0-1c).

There is also a lot of talk in the press about a warming at the Polar Vortex bringing cold winds from the east during the mid to late parts of January.  This warming (known as  Sudden Stratospheric Warming) is likely to happen but will it bring a “Beast From the East?”  The answer is that at this stage of the game (possibly two weeks away) no one really knows.  As the Met Office say – they will advise when the condition is known and so will I.

What is likely to be true is that the mid to later part of January is likely to be cooler than the mild temperature we are currently enjoying.  We can expect the maximum air temperature in mid to late January to be around 4c with overnight temperatures falling below zero at times.

I will, however, keep a close eye on the developments over the next few weeks.  My advice is to be prepared for some cold weather because that is inevitable.  At this stage of the year this condition is not unusual. After all it is Winter!

Summary : A mild day with some brighter spells and very little risk of rain (max 11%).

Observations made on 30/12/2018 at 08:43 hours Hammerwich, Staffordshire.
Temperature : 109.4c; Air pressure : 1033.7mb rising slowly; Relative humidity 90%; Wind : 1mph SW; Rain this month : 72.6mm; Rain this year : 530mm

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