Today’s weather and a look at the rest of the month (WS7 weather report 11-1-2019)

smalllogoToday (and over the weekend) we can expect the air temperature to be relatively mild.  At 06:30 hours this morning the air temperature was 6.1c which is slighty warmer than normal.  Reviewing the records I have made over the last nine years the average air temperature at approximately 06:30 hours is 4.79c.

Our top temperature today will be around 7-8c and there will be very little reduction of this value overnight.

It will be a generally cloudy or partly cloudy day but the risk of any real rain during daylight hours is only around 10%.  Overnight the cloud cover will increase and a band of rain cloud will move across the UK from NW to SE.  This system will bring a 60% risk of rain by or during tomorrow morning (breakfast time).

Today’s breeze will be deriving from the NW-WNW and due to a slight reduction in surface air pressure (reducing from 1031mb to 1028mb) there will be a slight breeze developing.  The average wind speed will be around 5-6mph.

Looking ahead towards the last two weeks of the month sees the cold weather returning.  The GFS Ensemble (see below) is suggesting that average temperature from around the 21 January 2019 will be around freezing point.  However, you view the chart there is no getting over the fact that there appears to be a general downward trend to the air temperature.

GFS Ensemble Model showing average temperature forecast up to 27 January 2019.  (Follow thick red line).

GEFS Ensembles Chart

Summary : A generally mild day for the time of year.  A risk of rain overnight.

Observations made 06:19 hours on the 11 January 2018 in Hammerwich, Staffordshire.

Temperature : 6.1c; Air pressure : 1030.5mb steady; Relative humidity 90%; Wind : calm; Rain this month : 0mm; Rain this year : 0mm

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