A Brief Weather Update – 9 February 2020

Tywyn Seafront 08:30 hours 9-2-2020

The grainy image above taken from the Tywyn seafront webcam (just about) shows that the West coast of the UK was receiving (at 08:30 hours) some rain and a bit of a windy time (if the white waves are anything to go by).

In our area (at the same time) we are seeing wind speed gusts of 47-50mph and an average speed of around  25mph.

This windy situation will continue until late afternoon / early evening when the gusts speeds will abate a little to around 25mph.  Care should be taken when travelling around as there is always the possibility of “bumping into” flying debris or fallen trees.  As a precaution against falling trees Cannock Chase will be closed today.

It will remain mild with the air temperature around 11-12c.  With the wind chill this will feel more like 6c.

The rain radar images suggest our area will just miss the heaviest of the rainfall but we can still expect some rain during the morning.

My advice for today would be to stay at home if you can and only make the most essential of journeys.

WS7 weather.

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