Poem – The Engine. 22March 2021.

(C) Kevin Jones 2021

Imagine – The Engine by Kevin Jones.

It is late winter time and soon it will be Spring,

I know the time of year as the birds that share my shed all begin to sing.

Today I return to the track after a winter’s rest.

I cannot wait to move my wheels when I leave “my nest”.


Five thirty in the morning and I been woken up by Stan,

As he goes around my driver’s cab with his oily can.

He oils all my valves everything needs a drink,

Before moving outside to oil the mighty links.


Stan is joined by Will – he will be the fireman today,

A natural with steam engines a great driver he will make one day.

Will’s job is to light a fire in my firebox hole,

He starts it off with paper, kindling and then adds bits of coal.


I am beginning to warm up as it was cold last night in my shed,

I am lucky really as at least I have a dry bed.

There is a lot of chatter about some wireless show,

The next thing they are cooking bacon, on a shovel, in my fiery glow.

Fred suddenly exclaims “Will we are at 200 psi it’s time to make our move”,

After a few pushes of my levers I am ready to get into the groove.

Our journey today will take us to the western coast,

I love going on this trip as I get as warm as toast.


We are then met by Horace he is the station boss,

He started work in the engine shop and is as strong as any “hoss”.

“Leave in 10 minutes and not a second more,

I will be watching that you leave on time from the station door”.


We are on our way with Will feeding coal in me,

Stan blows my whistle every time a “W” sign he sees.

It was becoming a lovely trip – the flowers breaking through,

Stan and Will were chatting still and enjoying the view.


Soon the day is over and we are on our way back home,

We have travelled over the land and glimpsed the seas foam.

I was able to catch up with old friends all along the way,

I will be a tired and happy engine when tonight my head I lay.


It has been a lovely day I hope it to be repeated,

I like the fact that I have taken six carriage worth – all seated.

The customers tumble out the carriage doors to take a pic of me,

I hope that you will join me next time I travel to the sea.

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