Poem – Mamod Steam. 25 March 2021.

(c) Kevin Jones 2021

Mamod Steam by (c) Kevin Jones 2021

In recent poems I have told how with sport I became quite smitten,

I told how the football and cricket bug had really bitten.

But one other thing that always fascinated me were steam driven machines,

I think it might be down to having engineering in my genes.

My first engine was stationary and could drive other kit.

I built a traction engine around it and it could race around a bit.

It was all driven by belts from the large flywheel,

I would use anything for this task I could beg, borrow or “steal”.

My second engine was a traction type model Te-1A,

Oil all the linkages, bearings and what the manuals say.

You had to fill the water tank until it overflowed,

Screw in the safety valve whilst the boiler was still cold.

Then it was time to light the fire – in this case via meths,

Put the flame beneath the boiler and take in every breathe.

Oh, how wonderful a smell – hot oil, steam and flame,

This was engineering – far more than a game.

Now start the engine running with a spin of the flywheel,

Away the engine races with steam it’s only meal.

It will run for quite a time and even drive a light,

That is if you get the Dynamo connected up right.

Once the flame was spent and all had cooled right down,

Get out the Brasso – polishing back the engine until she’s the best in town.

I was very lucky to have such wonderful toys,

I hope they live on for ever and played with by girls and boys.

So in a display case my engines sit,

Occasionally re-fired to do their bit.

No finer engine could one enjoy,

Than this locally made steaming toy.

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