Poem – Local Football Leagues 1970s. 26 March 2021.

Image courtesy of WordPress FreePhoto

(C) Kevin Jones 2021.

Local football leagues

If you didn’t play as a football pro,

There were plenty of clubs for you to show.

Your skills at levels equally matched,

Some great players these clubs attract.

In my day the West Mids league was the premier league,

With teams like Darlaston and Bilston always wanting to succeed.

Pat Foley was the manager at “Darlo” and during the day – a radio star,

Beacon FM he could be found or driving around in his sponsored car.

The next level was the Staffs County League,

My team, Walsall Pegasus, played at this level as the clubs final feed.

The other good league was the Bloxwich Combination – Saturday section,

Good players on Saturday often had other distractions.

So some played on a Sunday morning,

But players beware – heed this warning.

The lower the level the more pub teams emerge,

The sole plan for these players was to kick you over the verge.

The difference was the Walsall Amateur League – the best UK Sunday league I would bet,

Attracting players from national trophy winners like Club Lafayette.

I played in some great matches in this Pegasus team,

Eventually being joined by brother Gary – a total dream.

At age group level was the Walsall Junior Youth league ‘oft watched by league scouts,

There was a level for everyone to enjoy a run out,

The league recognised we could not all play the same.

A pyramid of age groups with hundreds of games,

I was lucky, with Pegasus – we won league and cup most years,

There were no team that could offer any fears.

But I lost my love playing for this team,

Football no longer my major dream.

I felt that we won because we could call,

The best schoolboy players who kicked a ball.

I liked the risk of losing a game – thinking of ways to turn the tide,

This way you can truly say that you were the better side.

So other sports I sought out and in later rhymes,

I will tell you about my Cricket and Badminton times.

Some great adventures and many a bruise,

Playing these games were never a cruise!

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