Poem – Reedswood Methodist Church. 28 March 2021

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(c) Kevin Jones 2021.

Reedswood Methodist Church

In the Birchills in the 60s and 70s you had a choice to make,

Would you follow the C of E channel or the Methodist route to take.

As a child you had no choice but went where you were sent,

As all the family were Methodists so that is where my Sunday’s I spent.

Every Sunday morning with shoes so brightly shining,

With dinner ready when we got home the silver lining.

And then at two o’clock we would be back again to Sunday school to hear,

How if we were good and did not drink then Jesus would love us dear.

But it was also made very clear that the Devil wanted our soul,

So we must make ourselves a good life as our only goal.

If we attended regularly and did all that was asked of you,

You would win a prize – I still have a book or two.

The Chapel was in Edward Street and although it still stands there,

It is now no longer used due to high costs of repair.

Large cracks appear down the front as if it may possibly subside,

Still expensive real estate it sold in 2017 for two hundred and eighty five (thousand).

So from the place that voices once sang out loud,

And walking in street processions with our banner floating proud.

No longer will the Methodist voice be gathering in this patch,

But if you look at the building a memory you may catch.

The Youth club, Isotas, Cubs, Scouts and Girl Guides,

All had a place here standing side by side.

The Senior met there too – every single week,

They played a little bingo and gentle crafts to seek.

So next time you are in the area make sure you have a look,

At a little building that helped formed many and oh so much.

It may not be long before the building has gone forever,

Never to return despite the memberships’ endeavours.

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