Poem – Perfect Day. 29 March 2021.

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Imagine looking back at some time in your past,

When at some certain task or sport you were top of your “achievement mast”.

At this time you were really at the best you could perform,

This heighten level of performance, for a while, became your norm.

What point in your life would you choose to revisit?

Would it be work, sport or family related – an answer I really would like to elicit.

For me I find it difficult to answer truthfully,

One more game of football immediately comes to mind but I dismiss it prudently.

I played so many games that I can dream about some now,

Would just “one more game” make the memories I have slip over a memory brow?

The thing I need to revisit has to make a change?

Am I right in thinking this or am I rather strange.

My wedding day, the birth of the children cannot be replaced,

So another dilemma I really need to face.

What about jobs that I have taken or turned down?

I love the career I have built a – “ proper job in the town”.

So what does that leave me with other than my health?

I would like this to improve and it is not a matter of wealth.

I get the best treatment, for free, the system has on offer,

There is nothing better in the world that anyone can proffer.

My conclusion has to be that I have had a perfect life,

Achieving the levels I wanted – without too much anxiety or strife.

So I have to thank all that have helped me on my way,

To be able to shout out loud I have had more than one totally perfect day!

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