Poem – Imagine – The benefits of growing fruit and veg. 30 March 2021.

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(c) Kevin Jones 2021

Imagine – The Benefits Of Growing Fruit and Veg

Since the start of lockdown all that time ago,

People had to find places that they could cultivate and grow.

Some already had allotments but others grew at home,

Potatoes, carrots, kale and peas were all regularly sown.

So now we enter another season when salad items are added to the mix,

Peas are prepared that will be trained up straight bean pole sticks.

Another crop of potatoes- the smaller kind this time,

Boil them in their skins and add mayonnaise and lime.

The crop needs to be rotated to keep the soil at its “peak”,

This is the level that a little nutrient helps keep.

In order not to introduce chemicals to the veggie patch,

A visit to the local stables to collect a manure batch.

If this is stored in a woven sack then in a butt of water,

The crop will benefit from nature’s best far better than it “oughta”.

But now that lockdown is slowly being reduced,

Will people return to their old life rather than creating some produce?

I really do hope not and that growing is here to stay,

Is there a better way of keeping food miles down – than pick and eat each day?

To feed yourself all year round requires a large plot,

This is not generally something we have all readily got.

But if you grow as much as you simply can create,

Your meals will taste so much nicer as you eat them from the plate.

Imagine how much food dehydrates on the journey from farm to you,

Big producers add chemical to keep moisture in for you.

But this is not natural not like from your “mini farm”,

Give growing a go, if only spuds, it can do no harm.

But in your way you have played a part in reducing harmful gasses,

You will also provide food and nectar for when the insects passes.

This small return to biodiversity in your garden patch,

Is easy to achieve with food as a prize there really is no catch.

So please don’t give up on your mini garden farm,

Lockdown may be nearing an end but growing kept you calm.

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