Poem – Imagine sand. 31 March 2021.

(c) Kevin Jones 2021

(c) Kevin Jones

Imagine – Sand

Imagine sitting on a beach as a tiny piece of sand,

This is what that grain said to me about times that he was grand.

“Not long ago I was up the beach a little bit of rock,

But the constant movement of the waves meant my size has taken quite a knock.

Before I was a rock I was part of a large stone,

But a piece broke off and left me sitting on my own.

I quite liked being part of a sandy and beachy rock,

Children would climb on me and in the pools take stock.

One day I was part of the cliff high above our head,

Heavy rain came falling down and many rocks were shed.

When I was living in the cliff – birds would sit with me and take a little roost,

It was lovely to meet them all and we often had a chat – this gave me quite a boost.

Before that I was part of a great expanse of land,

I belonged to a country – now that is something grand.

But going even further back when dinosaurs walked – all was re-arranged,

I was part of a vast continent before the climate, over time, all changed.

The big beasts died land masses split after this climatic tussle,

If you look you can treat an atlas like a giant jigsaw puzzle.

You can still work out – who was connected where,

With many pieces below the sea or eroded to be fair.

Then we go way back to the alleged start of time,

Was it all a Big Bang or something quite divine?

If was a Big Bang we are back to a grain of dust,

It funny how things end after quite a lot of fuss.

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust is how the saying goes,

I hope in my little rhyme I have shown how the situation flows.

All things eventually returning to the smallest part to see,

Before joining together with others to form something more of me.

The circle then begins again with erosion and corrosion,

Sometimes the situation is helped along – with a quarry explosion.

Here pieces are made smaller by a man made means,

The outcome is still the same – just time the loser it would seem”.

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