Poem – The Orb Web Spider

Image courtesy of WordPress FreePhoto

(c) Kevin Jones 2021

The spider

I am a little spider – Orb Web is my name,

Some people think that all spiders are exactly the same.

But there are a few types and we all have toothy pegs,

The larger one that you will know – we call him Daddy Long Legs.

Now we don’t really want to live indoors,

It is far too far warm – central heating is the cause.

We would much prefer a cool dry shed to rest and live,

So if you could move us there our gratitude we would give.

We don’t always spin a web to live – that takes quite some time,

But we will make our home in a small gap – that’s suits us just so fine.

We also snuggle under leaves or up a ceiling edge,

We will not swoop down on you – that is our pledge.

We do not wish you any harm although we can bite,

We are far too small to pierce your skin even if we tried with all our might.

So please do not be afraid and take good care of us,

Spiders and humans can live in harmony without much care or fuss.

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