Air quality, pollen and weather report for the Hammerwich, Burntwood, Brownhills, Lichfield and Walsall areas. 22 April 2021.

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After a frosty overnight start this morning starts off with a clear blue sky, low breeze levels but it is still a bit chilly.

Fear not though dear reader as the day will warm up to a pleasant 13-15c before reducing to a minimum of 2-3c overnight.

The wind will be blowing from the ESE at an average wind speed around 5mph. This low wind speed will provide very little ( -1 to -2c ) windchill.

The surface air pressure will remain high at around 1028mb which all helps indicate that the risk of rain is low at around 5%.

As the wind movement is slight the air pollutants are marginally higher than of late but still regarded as low. The tree pollen is ranked as moderate.

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