Poem – St George’s Day – An alternative. 23 April 2021.

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St George’s Day – An Alternative (c) Kevin Jones 2021.

St George Day – An alternative?

The 23 April is St George’s Day,

Patron saint of England and other nations so they say.

St George never stepped upon our green and pleasant land,

He never saw the white cliffs or settlements so grand.


When George was in his pomp only a few hundred years A.D,

Converting people to Christianity was his aim before his death in A.D three-zero-three.

George was beheaded for holding fast his beliefs,

All these years later believers still suffer similar grief.


It has been said that George, to win over more converts, slayed a mighty dragon,

One mighty swish of his sword and he drove more converts to his Christian bandwagon.

Whether this is true or not it all added to the legend,

Of old St George and how he eventually became our guardian friend.


In modern times the day has lost its shine,

Not a date the most people can recall in an instance of time.

There became a link with racism not a pleasant companion,

Not a cause that St George, I believe, would ever want to champion.


So will the day flourish or simply die away?

The belief is the latter but who can really say.

Modern day heroes like Major Tom and others,

Have a greater presence that a child can be told about by their mothers.


Local Givers could be our regional patron “saint” changing every year,

Steven Sutton raised awareness and many a tear.

When you remember how he fought his terminal disease,

Inspiring and challenging and relevant to please.


Local Givers day has nothing to do with religion or to wealth,

It does need a dragon slayed or acts requiring stealth.

It simply needs putting others first whenever the chance arises,

The smallest acts repeated often can produce the most wonderous surprises.

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