Poem – Government Information. 25 April 2021.

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Government information- a (c) poem by Kevin Jones 2021.

Government Information

With Covid-19 came the spread of an infectious disease – all over the world,

Each nation set about tackling the hazard – strategies unfurled.

In the UK we had government briefings,

Plus three word points – your help it was seeking.

We saw them use Hands, Face and Space,

As the one most remembered and having a place,

Good common sense and easily applied,

The majority of the nation this mantra complied.

But alongside the words came the government made ads,

Some were good some were bad.

Now these are not something new,

Let me tell you about, from the past, just two.

In the seventies we saw a couple up on a cliff watching a yacht struggle on the sea,

The man thought the sailor was waving at him and his lady P,

The lady was trying to recognise him – she didn’t she conceded,

All of a sudden they understood him – help – a coast guard was needed!


The second film was about Stranger Danger,

Something that has been around before the babe in the manger.

Charley was our hero and part narrator,

A strong message you can watch later.


So via all mediums the government seeks help from us please,

To get us past this most awful disease,

Press, TV and the radio all sell the same message – so that you will know.

The latest is opening a window to keep some air flow.

So the government reaching out asking for assistance,

Is nothing new just having more mediums adds persistence.

The message needs to be really quick and clear,

We are more likely to remember it – Petunia, my dear!

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