Poem – A dip in temperature. 28 April 2021.

Image (c) Gary Jones 2021

(c) A dip in temperature by Kevin Jones 2021.

A dip in temperature

The Met Office report that April was the frostiest for 60 years,

Yet in turn we have a lot of dry days which helped allay UK holiday fears.

The cold and dull weather does dampen spirits too,

Too cold to sit in the garden with a friend or two.

Who knows what the weather future has in store,

Let us hope and wish for sunshine galore.

Adjusted by nature to get the balance right,

With a nice steady rain shower in the middle of the night!

Nature will balance what weather we get,

Unless the mechanism gets upset.

Climate change could be that spark,

Or a meteor strike could send us into the dark.

The later we cannot change at all,

So to what we have let’s make a rallying call.

That we will restore and preserve what nature has put before our eyes,

Improving the climate will be our long term prize.

We don’t want to loose land to the sea,

Erosion will take plenty without help from you and me,

Beautiful coastal areas could soon be lost,

Surely this is too great a cost?

When you can play a part to stop this happening,

By planting wild flowers and simply recycling.

Give nature a chance to take a stance,

There may not be another generation given the chance.

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