Poem – Change. 29 April 2021.

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Change. A (c) poem by Kevin Jones.


Life introduces many changes during your life,

One such time is, for example, when you take a wife.

The dynamics change between a couple,

When ordinary tasks are now multiple.

All of a sudden there could be grass to mow,

In your new little house with a garden to sow.

Then there are household domestic chores,

Shared out evenly no longer just yours.

But marriage is only one change in your time,

Money may be scarce that used to buy wine.

You entered the marriage for the long term gain,

Sharing a life should not be a pain.

What about work now that’s full of change,

New products or services to add to the range.

If you don’t innovate you are going nowhere,

Other than backwards as competitors will care.

Self development needs to be high on the list,

An opportunity to learn should never be missed.

Develop yourself and learn everyday,

Not everything has to be linked to your pay.

Changes to methods by which we live,

Should shorten the time to the task we give.

Gaining more time to do as you choose,

Should be the aim of all change otherwise you just lose.

So my message is simply consider all change,

See if it fits into your criteria and range.

If it does adopt it with glee,

You have just released more time to be free.

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