Poem – Inspiring people. 30 April 2021.

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Inspiring people – Fred (c) Kevin Jones 2021.

Inspiring People – Fred

Through life you meet some people that can move you one step on,

My contact with many is now long gone.

Top name on my list is, Fred, the boss at my first professional call,

Fools he gave short thrift to – he really despised them all.

However, If you tried to retain what he was prepared to teach,

Then basic mechanical engineering was never out of reach.

He showed me how to use a lathe and how to weld, grind and mill,

Making or repairing parts became all part of the daily thrill.

Practical electrical skills came via Fred’s assistant – Roy,

Working with this giant ginger bearded man really was a joy.

Soon we were building new teaching spaces across the whole Tech site,

We worked well as a team often installing new devices that used a thing called “bytes”.

Great patience was shown, by Roy, to the young and eager me,

A new workshop or laboratory fitted out by us – oh, such pleasure and glee.

Fred was very strict if you stepped out of line,

But rules were in place that we understood just fine.

Fred retired when he was only seventy eight,

A great loss to us all but serving him had been great.

A finer start to work life I could not have ever wished for,

Sadly, Fred passed away not long after he last walked through the workshop door.

I hope when Fred looks down whilst checking the Pearly Gate,

That he set me off on my initial career helping to seal my career fate.

But later on others became my guiding star,

Twists and turns on my career road trip like driving down a “B” road in a vintage car.

I will introduce a few other “inspirers” to you in future times,

Remembering these are the people with instruction methods sublime.

Each one moving me a step further on without any fear,

Never thinking that knowledge was to be kept within their own protected sphere.

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