Poem – Imagine Dancing Chairs. 1 May 2021.

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Imagine – Dancing chairs a (c) poem by Kevin Jones 2021.

Imagine – Dancing Chairs

Imagine being a red plastic chair in a medical waiting room,

You seem to be most popular as you stand proudly in the gloom.

Next to you is your cousin who is coloured green,

It is the oddest row of chairs you will have ever seen.

Every colour available was purchased on a deal,

Although we look a miss-match the price was quite a steal.

The equivalent of five pounds for each of us multicoloured chairs,

Looking at competitor catalogues there is no one that can compare.

When the lights get put on we shine like a shooting star,

We are the most colourful waiting room in the UK by far.

Now our function is for patients to sit and wait for their jab,

Properly socially distanced like waiting for a cab.

At regular intervals Sarah comes and cleans us all,

She makes sure every inch of us is clean – no omissions allowed at all.

We are cleaned with special chemicals to kill any viral or bacterial form,

Every patient given the chance to return to a life more “norm”.

At night when everyone one has gone home we gather round and chat,

We repeat the stories patients told about Alice and her cat.

Sometimes if we can hear music we may play musical chairs,

We laugh and dance all the time as if we have no cares.

The next day we like to see the quizzical faces of the staff when they arrive,

They are sure that the colours are in different places – the chairs must be alive!

But you and I know what really made the moves,

It was when the multi-coloured chairs got in the dancing groove!

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