Poem – Factory Days. 2 May 2021.

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Factory days a (c) poem by Kevin Jones

Factory Days

In nineteen-eighty my work at The “Tech” reached the end of the show,

When Freddie left, development stopped, it was time for me to go.

I signed up with an agency who found me a role or two,

One was in telecoms the other at a factory that I knew.

The interview at the telecoms business was a strange affair,

I had my foot in plaster and had to keep it in the air!

Whether this made me memorable or the fact I made my way to Brum,

I was offered the job which, after deliberation, I decided to shun.

So off to the factory for the strangest interview,

It didn’t seem at first they knew what they wanted me to do.

After loads of probing and lots of questions I asked,

They wanted a development engineer to put the products to task.

This sounded very interesting and I signed on the dotted line,

I was not increasing my salary much but the development for me was fine.

I started on the last week of April of that particular year,

The very next week the factory was on shutdown – for me a mighty cheer!

The guy I was meant to be working with had found a job of another kind,

I was put in charge so knowledge about electrical testing I had to quickly find.

Off to the library to read up on all I could copy and note down,

I was now confident enough to believe I deserved to wear the white lab gown.

I read every spec from front cover to the back,

Every day uncovering the knowledge that I lacked.

It was now time to begin testing the sample electrical kit,

I have to say I enjoyed this role every little bit.

After time I was consulted and recognised as a reliable man in the team,

Giving my colleagues the evidence needed to win a sale if it fitted in the scheme.

Other opportunities came my way that took me away from the “test”,

But of all the jobs I have had in my life that was simply the best.

My next port of call was quality – a manual and system needed from blank,

This is when I met another of my Inspirations in life – a wonderful guy named Frank.

I will tell you about Frank in a later rhyme but, one thing is certain, I owe him a lot,

He taught me certain values that I still use and have not forgot.

More promotions came my way when new managers came to run the ship,

I was put in to trouble shoot any department suffering malaise or dip.

This gave me great experience and a time to learn some more,

So off to the Open University studying business and law.

For a time I made it to the very top but that was not to last,

When the owner wanted to sell up I, with a partner, made our bid real fast.

The sale did not go through but we were not to be put off by this unfortunate time,

With My Business Partner we set up our own business – now nineteen years on the right line.

The moral of this tale is to work hard and never say no,

To any opportunity your employer wants you to have a go.

Opportunities arise from the most unexpected source,

Your employment journey will never be a simple straightforward course.

Accept all opportunities and never burn a bridge,

Face up to the challenge delivered with belief and steely courage.

Don’t be frightened to consult and ask all for their points of view,

Remember the lad in the test was consulted with when he was brand new?

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