Poem – Inspirational People – Frank. 3 May 2021.

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Inspirational people – Frank (c) Kevin Jones 2021

Inspirational people – Frank

When I was at the factory a challenge was put before me,

Write a manual and create robust systems to prove our quality.

Now this was a massive task but very much in vogue,

There had been a previous manager but he had done very little – he was a likeable rogue.

Now I needed guidance as this was something entirely new,

Who could I ask for help? I knew of a precious few.

One man that came to mind was already consulting us,

A friendly well versed Quality and Training man who worked without a fuss.

Frank was this man’s name who had helped me in the past,

When I was trying to get training manuals accredited for our apprentice “cast”.

This man had a gentle firmness that helped guide you through,

He made you look at everything by not taking a single view.

“Could it done better could we reduce the number of phases?

All are interactions designed to lead to client praises?”

“Measure what the client needs” he would often say,

“The more you satisfy them the longer they will stay”.

In everything you do present the best version that you can,

There is no need to be sloppy – “do your best young man”.

A cake should be a wedding cake if nothing else is called for,

Don’t present a rock cake else you will be politely shown the door.

Time went on and I worked day and night to get the system working,

Always having my guiding light available if I needed a push from shirking.

There was little chance of that as I didn’t want to let either of us down,

I was always seeking his praise as he was the top QA man in town.

Eventually assessment day came along and all was closely examined,

We passed with flying colours receiving praise for the system we determined.

The project would not have been completed without the guidance of Frank,

Working alongside him was like having a font of knowledge in the bank.

So Frank I am indebted to you for all did that time,

Your guidance and your methods were simply just sublime.

We went on to enhance our methods and I followed another course,

But the teaching of Frank will always be the bedrock of my Quality Management source.

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