Poem – The Shotgun. 4 May 2021.

Image courtesy of WordPress FreePhoto

The shotgun (c) by Kevin Jones

The Shotgun

Imagine you are a shotgun with a thrill to kill,

Coupled with your friend Mr Bullet you can achieve this at will.

I ask how he feels having such power in his control,

His answer was very simple – I don’t want to kill a soul.

You confuse me as you are designed to kill?

Shotgun retorts, “I don’t kill – the person at the end of the butt does”, he spoke with an icy chill.

“I don’t take aim or pull the trigger to shoot,

I am passive and would rather stay locked up safely in the car boot”.

Ah, I get it, you had no choice in what you are – I quizzically ask,

Correct, my brother’s owner, pre Covid days, was the only person to visit the bank in a mask!

He has heard someone say that “he will soon be caught”.

He makes a lot of threats but so far his killing score is nought.

I struggle with this concept because we all can potentially change,

Why don’t you become a shotgun for use only on a range.

Shotgun thought that this was a great idea so we created a path to facilitate the plan.

He could do no damage then when working with the landowning clan.

So if on a Sunday you hear gunshots firing at whirring clay like discs,

Take a careful look without taking any risk.

You may see our friend, shotgun, shooting down the clays,

No one getting hurt by the the shooters in the bays.

Change is possible whatever your background,

You just need to want change more than your current ground.

Look at every opportunity and keep your hopes on high,

Just like the soaring bullet you can reach up to the sky.

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