Poem – My “Farm”. 5 May 2021.

Image courtesy of WordPress FreePhoto

My “Farm” (c) Kevin Jones 2021

My “Farm”

I have a little grow box that I call my farm,

It doesn’t always yield much but it keeps me rather calm.

I go out every night to weed and water it,

Looking at each variety to see what is looking fit.

I am currently growing carrots and leaks alongside mini potatoes in a sack,

Some spring onions, radish, beetroot, lettuce for a quick snack if I am late getting back.

Carrots always do well although not always straight,

You will see some interesting shapes which is really great.

The most productive yield comes the potato crop,

Throw them in a sack with lots of compost filling and wait till the green stalks flop.

Then it is time to dig them out – scores of the little chaps,

Perfect for the salad or adding to a wrap.

Now as you may well guess my “farm” is all a wee bit small,

But it keeps me entertained as it sits against the wall.

The food tastes just great although that may be me being biased,

The one thing that I do know is my pleasure when tending it is at the very highest.

So if you want to grow your own “farm” crop a planter box is good,

Available from all garden centres with the items made of wood.

One thing that I must add that your little “farm” must be crop based and no other kind.

You may find that sheep and cattle on a six by three foot plot can be quite a bind!

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