Poem – Repair, Reuse and Restore

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Repair, Reuse and Restore (c) Kevin Jones

Repair, Reuse and Restore

When I was young furniture was passed about,

No taking things to the tip so reuse was never in doubt.

At the very worst, if made of wood, the fire could be fed to keep us warm,

A wardrobe could last a couple of nights saving money whilst outside a storm.

Our first little home was all make do and mend,

Free carpet for the stairs meant we did not have to spend.

A cooker and washer both repaired by me,

The list would go on I am sure you could see.

Cars were the same with shiny new shocks,

We had old bangers that got round the block.

But our use was not based on leisure,

It was earning enough money to purchase more “treasure”.

Having a car that was less than ten years old,

With automatic choke so that you can start in the cold.

Is absolutely a joy but somehow the old days I rather miss,

I liked fixing up the car or any household goods it was my “mend it” bliss.

Nowadays folk are after old furniture so that they can recycle it,

A little bit of chalk paint and some waxing too,

All of a sudden you have a product that’s unique through and through.

Some of it is garish, some of it is good it all depends on style and your point of view.

So what we did out of necessity has now become in vogue,

The recycled furniture is established – no longer a fashion rogue.

So give it a go and visit the past,

Repair, recycle and reuse makes something ordinary last.

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