Poem – local radio in the 70s. 7 May 2021.

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Local radio in the 70s (c) Kevin Jones 2021.

Local radio in the 70s

I feel blessed to have lived through the golden days of local radio,

I have listened, over time to BBC Radio Birmingham’s every single show.

My earliest favourite was Pete York a speedway fan that knew his way,

The Brummies in the National League always gave him plenty to say.

Let’s not forget Solihull lad Malcolm Stent,

And his fictitious radio pub the barmaids arms – run by Malcolm as a country gent.

Another great was Gordon Astley,

Disc jockey by day and magician at night , his tricks were fun nothing ghastly.

The leader of the pack came from BRMB,

Ed Doolan was the consumer man, mid morning, you needed to “see”.

If you had a consumer problem then give Ed a call – it would be soon be solved,

Ed made sure that the supplier swiftly got the issue resolved.

Two more transfers came from the commercial station across the city,

Radio WM as they were now known were seeking folk witty and gritty.

Tony Butler was next – he was a different jock,

Devised the football phone in and gave all a shock.

No genteel presentation or anything like,

If Butler disagreed he just said “on yer bike”.

A presenter with more style and class,

Was Les Ross who played music popular with the mass.

Les was often the voice of reason,

A man for all year and every season.

A later entrant to the team was “Boing Boing” Boyden – a listeners dream,

Malcolm was popular with all fans and each of the team.

A joker in the pack but clearly no fool,

He could take a lot of current presenters to radio school.

All of the men saw their popularity soar and they got their rewards,

As over time each one of them won at least one Sony radio award.

The golden time had to, eventually, end from this wondrous romp,

But I was blessed to have heard them all in their pomp.

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