Poem – Walsall Buildings. 8 May 2021.

Image (c) Kevin Jones 2021

Walsall Buildings (c) Kevin Jones 2021.

Walsall Buildings

Walsall is full of treasures if you look then you will find,

A town built upon history is often of this kind.

Take a look around you but please look carefully,

There are treasures all around us if we look artfully.

Housing stock, some of which is over one hundred years old,

Now some may think they are slums that never should be sold.

But they can be restored if the will is there,

It just takes a little money, skill and clearly lots of care.

Look up above the bedrooms and you will often see,

Ornate brickwork by skilled layers working for a fee.

No block work here or anything will do,

They have stood the test of time – enough evidence for you?

What about the Guildhall a splendid building too.

It is very easy to admire her – surely that is true?

St Matthew’s sitting up on the hill looking down the town,

The worn steps leading to it before people can sit down.

In the main precinct there is the old Taylor’s music shop.

Look up above the window there are instruments – the lot.

Treasured buildings are everywhere in our little town,

Fortunately some people are recording them before they get knocked down.

But before anything is removed we should look at the success of others,

York and Chester thrive on their historical covers.

Imagine WH Smith’s stripped back to its black and white form,

What a wonderful attraction that would be – a shop different to the norm.

All towns have to reinvent themselves following the pandemic,

But change in a positive way could be an architectural epidemic.

The Girls Grammar School and the Butts region,

Are well worth viewing and documenting during the summer season.

The best part I have left to last and that’s the Arboretum,

A place to take your kids for a walk and friends where you can meet them.

Have a walk, row on the lake – it is all there to do.

Walsall needs you to look carefully to see the potential view.

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