Poem – Life Choices. 9 May 2021.

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Life choices (c) Kevin Jones 2021.

Life Choices

Life asks us to make many choices throughout the years,

Many of them come early on which often can lead to tears.

As a fourteen year old you choose the subjects you want to learn,

But are these subjects suitable to allow you to earn?

Then there is the choice of work or continued education,

Will a degree really assist you in your chosen vocation?

Becoming an apprentice will give experience and the qualification,

What better combination to create a wealthy worker nation?

Career choices are odd but most jobs the layperson do not know exist,

Only when you follow a particular route can you see what you may have missed.

The next big choice is easy as it should be led by love,

Who will be your life partner – fitted together like hand in glove.

That brings the choice of home – do you rent or do you buy?

How will the tasks be shared so you are not living in a sty?

What about a family – do you want to try,

Children change the dynamics and time will fly by.

Until you have a fourteen year old with choices to be made,

The same as you had to make – your experience can be laid.

Choices as you are older are less frequent than before,

But they still present considerations at your options door.

When you should retire how much of a pension pot?

All new questions that need answers and cannot be forgot.

Do we downsize and release some equity?

Means leaving your family home and moving to an unknown facility.

Life is full of choices we can only do the best we can,

If you get every decision right, I bow to you, as you are the better man.

Learning from others is a way to avoid mistakes.

But whatever happens, hopefully, we can still follow the path we wish to take.

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