Sunday, 9 May 2021. Weather, air pollutant and pollen count count forecast for the Hammerwich, Burntwood, Brownhills, Lichfield and Walsall areas.

Data courtesy of Weatherpro

After further overnight rain the radar and satellite images are showing very few large rain cloud systems in our area for the remainder of the day.

The largest risk of some rain is around 11:00 Hours. Any rain that does fall from this system will be short lived.

One thing that is noticeable is that it a lot milder than of late. We can expect our top temperature to reach 15-17c by mid to late afternoon. A great improvement compared to the last two days.

There will be a reasonable amount of cloud cover for much of the day but we we are also likely to see some brighter spells too.

Today’s breeze will be deriving from the SSW ( hence the mild air), however, unlike yesterday the jetstream is also running from the SW to NE across the Uk thus there is no clash of warm and cold air which creates rain. Today’s average wind speed will be around 15mph.

If you are going out for a cycle or walk May the wind be always on your back. Cycling against a 15mph headwind cannot make life easy.

Today’s air pollutant level and pollen counts are both low.

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