Poem – Loneliness. 10 May 2021.

Image courtesy of WordPress FreePhoto

Loneliness (c) Kevin Jones 2021


What is loneliness, how is it defined,

Is the state exclusive to the people left behind?

Loneliness can hit us all at different stages too,

Covid-19 has exposed quite a few.

First there is the obvious – being on your own,

Covid created more of these by confining them to home.

Some people, I am one of them, enjoy being in their own space,

I like the fact that I can step away from the human race.

Technology plays a big part in bringing folk together,

Groups all around the world have created skyping friends forever.

We are not all the same and others need to see people,

That is why there is no one solution to match the loneliness steeple.

What about being lonely in a room full of folk?

You can be there like a wallflower and have hardly spoke.

You may know everyone but if they have formed into a group,

You may as well be at home than trying to break the loop.

At other times you may simply not engage,

If the people are talking angrily and getting in a rage.

Loneliness is complex and you must find a way,

To not fall into its trap otherwise that is where you will stay.

Think about something positive do something to absorb the mind,

A hobby is a great way or something of that kind.

If you need interaction then call a friend or two,

Your call is maybe just what they needed too.

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