Poem – Cricket, my early interest. 11 May 2021.

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Cricket – My Early Interest (c) Kevin Jones 2021.

Cricket – My early interest

I have told in other rhymes how we played cricket on the park,

I stayed there bowling away until it got quite dark.

In those days cricket was on terrestrial tv,

With Johnners and Peter West presenting it was the only place to be.

Stars at the time in the England side included Boycott and Knott,

Two very different characters not to be forgot.

Boycott was all about staying in until he went to feed.

Knott the wicket keeper would stump out the opposition with grace and speed.

Providing the pace bowling was a fellow called John Snow,

He could really get some pace up when he wanted to let it go.

He was often joined by GG Arnold known affectionately as horse,

Taking Geoffrey’s initial formed the nickname of course.

Skipper for much of the time was Raymond Illingworth,

A tough straight talking man who listed Yorkshire as place of birth.

Opening up with Boycott was left handed John Edrich,

He always intrigued me, being left handed, and I tried to emulate him on the pitch.

Spin was the domain of another left hander Derek Underwood,

Another one to copy as any left hander should.

Underwood bowled at quite a pace for a spin bowler,

In Australia England won the Ashes when he knocked the wickets over.

Many others came and went but these were my favourite stars,

My Grandma kept the garage over the road up to date whilst they were mending cars.

In future rhymes I will tell you about my own cricketing career,

And how I won a trophy or two – things that I still hold dear.

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