Poem – The Queen. 12 May 2021.

Image courtesy of WordPress FreePhoto

The Queen (c) Kevin Jones 2021.

The Queen

After nearly seventy years on the throne,

Re-opening parliament this year she was all alone.

For her Consort, Prince Phillip has passed on,

His beacon of light no longer shone.

The family have said they will rally around,

But extra time will have to be found.

The Prince of Wales is himself not a young man,

But I am sure he will do whatever he can.

The are also the roles to fulfil for the Duke,

But the family is limited in numbers for additional roles to be took.

It isn’t like you can advertise the jobs,

“Wanted-Colonel in Chief, no pay, no slobs”.

So please feel some pity for the elderly Queen,

Conducting a role that was not meant to have been,

She wanted to be royal but in the background not seen.

If years ago her uncle had not left the scene.

Instead she has to do the best for the state,

Without her man at her side whose support was just great.

The history books will tell the true story,

Of a man and a woman with a crowning glory.

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