Poem – Travelling To School During The 70s General Strike. 13 May 2021.

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Travelling to school during the 70s General Strike (c) Kevin Jones

Travelling To School During The 70s General Strike.

There were some strange times in the seventies,

With the country on a three day disruption with no obvious remedies.

Coupled along was a general strike,

That took off the buses and forced me onto leg or bike.

You see that when we left the Birchills we moved to Bentley,

My school was Joseph Leckie near to Yew Tree.

A journey that stretched right across town,

In the bad weather, walking from bus stop to station often brought on a frown.

The general strike was a different case,

I could not afford to miss class due my home base.

So I pedalled across the motorway junction and turned into Alumwell,

Carefully riding through this patch as the local school could sound the attack bell.

Down through the Pleck and past Morrison’s store,

I would probably have been pedalling for thirty minutes or more.

Turn right into Bescot lane past the rail station and to the school door,

The total journey taking forty five minutes not more.

On the way I would meet my mate Nigel P,

He made the journey from Wednesbury.

We would meet by the Morrison’s Store chatting as we rode and keeping fit,

One day as we were riding together he said he had problems with a bag full of kit.

Unfortunately as he recommenced his ride his wheel got impeded and threw him out of his seat,

Poor Nigel smashed one of his teeth whilst I sat in class worried why we did not meet.

It was great fun most of the time but not on match days when you had to ride home exhausted,

The journey back home seemed to take an age and your lungs felt as if they had been accosted.

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