Poem – Pain. 14 May 2021.

Image courtesy of WordPress FreePhoto

Pain (c) Kevin Jones 2021.


What is this pain tearing me in two?

It is really bad I would not wish it on you.

My stomach is aching so very bad,

It affects my mood and makes me sad.

I need a dose of painkiller to ease the passage through,

I am sure after a good night’s sleep I will feel as good as new.

I need to stop the spasms so that the pain can ease,

The only relief I can get is drawing up my knees.

Confined as I am in this small room,

Like being encased in a medical tomb.

Outside the world is bustling around,

Whilst I am going further into the ground.

Today I needed help and support,

But everyone’s life seems so busy and fraught.

I end up supporting them whilst my pain I solitarily fight.

It is relentless – there day and night.

Tomorrow is another day,

And things will change either way.

I am looking forward to being pain free,

Then you will see the best of me.

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