Poem – There is no place like home. 15 May 2021.

There Is No Place Like Home (c) Kevin Jones

There Is No Place Like Home

There is no place like home or so the saying goes,

It is the place where you receive support to make sure that everything flows.

Home is where the heart is the place you long to be,

It is where memories have been built and you feel completely free.

Time away from home does not make the yearning go,

Quite to the contrary the need to returns will grow.

Back in your comfy chair or lying in your bed,

You can choose the food and when it’s time to be fed.

Travel is exciting please don’t get me wrong,

I have been all over the world to some places quite far flung,

But the overriding thought that sustained me through the time away,

Was that I will return back home to my family with whom I stay.

It is the people that you love that makes more than bricks and mortar,

I am blessed that my home has been the refuge for wife and my two daughters.

So look around and everything you see will have a memory attached,

You belong here and you should never be detached.

There is no place like home.

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