Poem – The Tadpole. 16 July 2021.

Image courtesy of WordPress FreePhoto

The Tadpole (c) Kevin Jones.


I am a tiny tadpole swimming in a garden pond,

With the cooling water and the sun upon my back it is a place that I am very fond.

For fourteen to sixteen weeks I will transform from a tadpole to a tiny frog,

I soon will be leaving the pond and make home under a damp log.

In this quiet place I will go fishing for insects,

Of which , I like to eat plenty along with other tiny objects.

I am the UK’s common frog with a sticky tongue,

Look after me as I will be doing my best as I am an ecological warrior unsung!

I will do you no harm but I am part of life’s food chain,

I will be the foe of worms and inspects and the pray for larger mammals which is rather a pain.

Please find me somewhere in a unused garden spot,

Where I can set up home and I will be grateful for anything I have got.

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