Poem – Just Like Home. 17 July 2021.

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Just like home (c) Kevin Jones 2021

Just like home

Just before our first child was born,

We purchased a static caravan it was a bit tired and worn.

But it was our holiday retreat and a great place too,

As now children needed entertaining and a safe bed for their dreams to view.

We swapped the old caravan for a caravan with a shower,

All modern luxuries looking over gardens with flowers.

The girls made friends and played outside until time for dinner,

Ah, a caravan dinner was always a sound winner.

The site had direct access to the beach and no prouder parent than me,

Walking hand in hand with two little girls we were happy as happy could be.

Down on the beach we would throw stones into the sea,

How joyous the life – backed up by nature and simplicity.

It did not matter if the sun didn’t always shine,

That little escape place was all mine.

Eventually the girls wanted to see other places,

Our caravan sold so we could see new faces.

We travelled to Spain and the Balearic’s too,

Staying in apartments with a pool and sea view.

In Portugal we swam with the dolphins at the zoo,

Powerful and majestic not play things for me and you.

But my heart always yearned for the simple life,

And we are now back to just me and the wife.

A new caravan has now been purchased to rest out our days in simple ways,

We have gone full circle back to the simple caravan days.

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