Poem – Christmas Carol. 19 June 2021.

Image courtesy of WordPress FreePhoto

Christmas Carol (c) Kevin Jones 2021

Christmas Carol

There is a woman down our way that just loves Christmas,

She doesn’t care for other days – she just wants those to pass.

Everyday she shops for gifts and puts on her fairy lights,

We call her Christmas Carol – the lady in the pine green tights.

When you go past her house Christmas tunes blare out,

Jonah’s stop the cavalry and Noddy’s mighty shout.

The trees are all adorned with blow up reindeer and much more,

The little children love to see this wonderland Christmas store.

So imagine how upset she was when Covid got in the way,

No large family gatherings on the special day.

Carol was crest fallen her big plans all in shatters,

She did accept, reluctantly, that health was what really mattered.

So Carol has a new plan for the Christmas that was curtailed,

She will hold it outside in July twenty one when she can barely fail.

She is going Aussie style and having a barbecue,

She has even made an elf style cozzy – not the greatest view.

New presents are being collated for her family and team,

Most will get little surfboards – a wink to the Aussie theme.

She now has such a spring is in her step as for only this year,

She can have two Christmases – now that is worth a cheer!

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